Terms of service

General Terms and Conditions

1. A “transfer” is the transportation of at least one person between two different geographic locations. A location can be a terminal – airport, sea, land or bus terminal, a hotel or a private residence. You may be asked to manually enter an exact address in case your destination is not on the drop-down menu on our website. You can contact us directly in case your target destination is not present on our website.

2. Private transfer

The company vehicle fleet covers options for 1+4 passengers, 1+6 passengers, and 1+8 passengers. The passengers will be met at an agreed time and location by a company driver bearing a sign with the company logo and the names of the passengers. Then the chauffeur will proceed to drive the passengers to the desired address or the nearest possible location accessible by car. The transfer prices are given per car, not per person. Flight delays and other circumstances do not affect the end price of the service.  

3. Reservations

3.1 The person making the reservation must be at least 18 years old.

3.2 All reservations are done using an online form, and all available fields must be filled.Please enter the number of baggage and flight number in the message field.

3.3 Reservations must be made at least 24 hours before the start time of the transfer. Exceptions are possible but in such cases you should contact a company representative and wait for a confirmation email.

3.4 The person filling in the reservation form is responsible for the accuracy of the information given therein. The company carrying out the transfer shall not be held responsible in case incomplete or wrong information is provided.

3.5 The person to fill in the online reservation form is considered to have accepted the General Terms and Conditions and be responsible for the whole group.

3.6 The reservation is to be considered complete only when the customer receives a confirmation email containing a voucher from a company representative.

3.7 Every passenger should state the dimensions of his travel luggage, as only one to two additional pieces of hand luggage are allowed. In cases where passengers have to bring more luggage than originally stated, they should contact the company before the transfer time.

3.8 Any undeclared luggage is subject to additional charges.  

3.9 The company is not responsible for the transportation of luggage beyond the amount declared in the reservation if it cannot fit in the vehicle reserved.   

3.10 The company is not responsible for the contents and condition of the luggage, or the damage or loss thereof. It is each passenger’s responsibility to ensure his/her luggage is loaded properly and undamaged. A reservation can be cancelled at the driver’s discretion in cases where the loading and transportation of undeclared luggage is deemed dangerous for the safety of passengers and other vehicles.

3.11 After meeting the client terminal "arriving", he is obliged to pay the full amount of the pre-transfer cash or card in our office, which is located in the hall of Terminal. In this way guarantee its (or group) and transport security, the company responsible transfer to quality and conscientiously carried out.

4. Children and people with disabilities

4.1 Children under the age of 12 years cannot use the company services unless accompanied by an adult. Children between the ages of 12 to 18 years can use our services with parental consent presented in written form.

4.2 Children under the age of 5 must use a child safety seat. The occupied child safety seat is considered an adult occupant for the purpose of determining your transfer fee.

4.3 People with disabilities or people using wheelchairs or similar devices should specifically state that fact in the reservation form so that a vehicle suitable to their needs can be provided.  

5. Changes and cancellation of reservations

5.1 Customers can change the details (passenger data, flight number, address) of an existing reservation no later than 24 hours prior to the transfer at no additional cost. 

5.2 Safety

All the company vehicles have undergone technical inspections and are insured in compliance with the laws of the Republic of Bulgaria.

5.3 Passenger insurance is included in the transfer price.

5.4 Passengers under the influence of alcohol or drugs will not be allowed aboard our vehicles.

5.5 Passengers exhibiting behavior deemed dangerous to the driver, the other passengers or vehicles on the road will be taken off the vehicle and reported to law enforcement.

5.6 Smoking, alcohol consumption and drug use are not allowed in our vehicles. You can consume any bottled soft drink of your choice. Use of any other food or drink items is subject to approval by a company representative or driver. 

6. Type and make of the vehicles

6.1 The vehicles shown on our website are to be considered examples which cover the requirements of the reservation made. 

7. Responsibilities

7.1 It is our responsibility to carry out all our services in a responsible and professional manner and in compliance with the laws of the Republic of Bulgaria.

7.2 We are free to fully or partially delegate our rights and obligations to third parties without prior formal notification or customer approval.

7.3 Should the customer be unable to locate our driver at the arranged time and location, he/she should call our call center at +359 879 241 641 as soon as possible to receive further instructions.

7.4 Please have our call center number written down and accessible in case you need to contact us.

7.5 In case the customer is experiencing a delay for any reason, he/she should call us at +359 879 241 641 in order to receive further instructions.

7.6 The travel time between the pick-up point and the chosen destination are just assessments, and their accuracy is in no way guaranteed.

7.7 In case the vehicle chosen by the customer is unavailable, we will replace it with a vehicle of the same type in regards to the specific requirements of your reservation.

7.8 All reservations in the time range from 22:00 to 06:00 do not benefit from preferential prices and promotions from the announced price list on the website in the "Destinations and Prices" section. When you make a reservation of this type, wait for a response from the company's office assistant to get a price for the service. The prices of services are without VAT. If you wish to receive an invoice, you will be charged 20% VAT on the amount declared in destinations and prices.

7.9 The company is obliged to review and provide an answer/solution to customer complaints within 15 working days.

7.10 Arguments or disagreements not covered by these General Terms and Conditions can be settled with an out of court settlement. 


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