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Company Eco Taxi was founded in 2001.The main activity of the company is providing taxi. "Eco Taxi" is among the - largest and fastest growing taxi companies in Burgas.
The company has its own car and technical basis. At present "Eco Taxi" has an entirely new fleet of 130 units. cars, of which 50 pcs. car, station wagon, designed to carry passengers with bulky luggage.
The main priority of our company is to provide safe and comfortable journey to our customers. In connection with this "Eko Taxi " has its own modern auto service, conforming to European standards, in which two times a week vehicles undergo screening for roadworthiness. Own device / Breathalyzer / with on a daily basis find that drivers do not drink alcohol before or during the workday. "Eco Taxi" works with its own air and dispatch center, where we take orders from customers and are allocated to cars. Control center has a specialized software that allows offering a variety of services to facilitate customers and employees. Aware that each driver assigned to "Eko Taxi", as the face of the company to customers, responsible for the management subjected to strict control the behavior of personnel in connection as their professional and ethical competence. After casting selection of taxi drivers, they continue to be under strict monitoring - whether they comply in practice with the core values, principles and transport regulations.
The company is competitive taxi market in many indicators:
• new vehicles that meet European standards of quality and safety of service;
• large and modern vehicle fleet;
• strict selection and daily control of the taxi drivers;
• ensuring passenger comfort and quality service;

Burgas 8000
Boulevard. "San Stefano" № 8, entrance 1, 3rd floor

Tel: +359(56) 845 559


Airport Office Contacts  Arrivals

+359 878 443576




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